Tebow overcomes critics again

Broncos' Tim Tebow not judging fans with Jesus jerseys

“I don’t know what to think about that because I don’t know where people’s hearts are,” Tebow said today. “It’s important to not judge without knowing their hearts. If their heart is to honor the Lord, then it’s a good thing. Only God can judge because only God knows what’s truly in a person’s heart.”

They said I couldn't win a Heisman.

They said I couldn't be a 1st-round draft pick.

They said I wasn't Jesus Christ.

'ppreciate that. 

Dios mio, man, as my Spanish-speaking friends might say.  

Tanier thinks Broncos’ run of good fortune ends tomorrow night

Thursday Matchup: Jets at Broncos

It takes some warping of reality and splintering of rational thought to watch a team hand off to an ex-linebacker almost as often as it passes the ball, surrender on nearly every third down and score 17 points against an awful opponent, and reinterpret all of this as a sign of its quarterback’s singular greatness…Of course, there’s a chance that the simplest solution is the correct one: the Broncos have gutted out close wins against bad opponents but they will collapse against a strong defense, and option-style gadget plays have a limited N.F.L. shelf life. But then, even Occam’s razor may be no match for Tebow Mania.

Nate Jackson strapped five-pounders to his ankles to make weight for Shanny’s Broncos

The Perils And Pleasures Of Life As A 220-Pound Tight End

My tight-end pass-catching career did not pan out like I’d hoped…It turned into hand-to-hand combat on a daily basis with men who were much bigger and stronger than me…We had weigh-ins every week, so on the mornings I had to hit the scale I would walk to my locker, put on my sweats, then walk into the training room and grab two five-pound ankle weights to strap on under my sweats. Nobody ever caught on. 232.

Greg Gabriel impressed by Von Miller and Quinton Carter

NFP Week 10 Rookie Report: Broncos-Chiefs

Miller has all the tools to be an outstanding player in the league. He has great size with long arms to go along with very good speed and athleticism…To be a complete player he has to be adequate in coverage but the real reason he’s there is to rush the passer and he shows outstanding skill in that area…Carter got the start at safety versus Kansas City and did some nice things. He has good size and strength and showed that in his run support. He is quick to come up and shows good shedding skills along with fairly good tackling skills.

McGahee questionable, Tomlinson out

Broncos/Jets Injury Report

#Broncos injury report: Questionable: McGahee; Probable: Clady, Clark, Dawkins, Vaughn, Woodyard and J. Thomas. #Jets injury report: Out: B. Pool, J. Kerley, S. Nelson, L. Tomlinson; Probable: P. Turner, D. Revis, P. Burress, M. Dixon, D. Harris; Probable: M. Devito, K. Ellis, N. Mangold, J. Mauga, J. McKnight, C. Pace, M. Slauson, I. Trufant.

The Denver Tebows get their new logo

Page 2 rebrands NFL logos for 2011

As we move into the crux of the 2011 NFL season, it’s time for Page 2 to assess all 32 teams and rebrand their logos based on their performances on the field.

Plus, don't miss Washington's new logo which honors Shanny's tanning bed. (Thanks, RSH!)

Greg Cosell thinks Sexy Rexy has something down his sock for Tebow

The Shutdown Corner Week 11 Preview Podcast with Greg Cosell

It would not surprise me to see the Jets line up with Cromartie and Revis in pure Cover-0 man on the two receivers and play with nine guys inside…Just say, “Look, we’re going to make it almost impossible for you to run the football; we’re gonna have nine guys in the box, one of them’s gonna be assigned to you on every single snap, and we’re going to play man to man with the best man corner in the business, and another one who is pretty good.

Why the Pats went from a pass-first spread to its two-TE model

How Rex Ryan Created The New-Look Patriots

Indeed, in a strange way, this same phenomenon may be all that Denver is hoping to get from Tebow: that by being a threat to run or pass (well, sort of), defenses have to play more simply, thus giving a less-talented offense a chance to succeed.

Wednesday Musings: A strange win, but still a win

Week 10, Arrowhead Stadium. What a long, strange game it was.

Actually, it wasn’t that long - it only went 3 hours and 3 minutes. Strange? Unusual, at the very least.  Keeping the clock running while you gash your way down the field, slicing off chunks of yardage like carving a Thanksgiving turkey with play after running play, forcing the Chiefs to retreat further and deeper into their own territory and all without a viable way to stop it - it takes the heart right out of a team.

There was more finesse to it than we often think - the smoothness of Von Miller, slicing past the center and the running back as if they were mere phantoms before embossing the #58 on his jersey’s shoulder onto Matt Cassel’s ribcage was particularly memorable. Enjoying watching Knowshon Moreno relive his college days in vaulting a defender, and the sadness of seeing him go down to injury.  DT Brodrick Bunkley was a Houdini in disengaging with the right guard as if he were just a minor annoyance;  Bunkley then launched himself at the running back, pulling him down from behind. And, on the other side, LG Zane Beadles displaying those light feet that make him such an effective pulling guard as he cleared the route for Tim Tebow to run for his TD. It was a very strange game, but for trench-hounds like me, it was the Bolshoi Ballet.

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Tebow > Team

Tim Tebow Is The 21st-Ranked Team In The NFL, According To The NFL

From NFL.com’s weekly power rankings, where some poor editor got so sick of the Tim Tebow media frenzy that he ironically ranked him ahead of eleven NFL teams. If I’m not mistaken, this means: Tebow > the Chiefs, Browns, Jaguars, Vikings, Cardinals, Panthers, Rams, Dolphins, Seahawks, Redskins, and Colts.

What do you get when you combine the religious fervor of tens of millions of evangelical Tebow fans with the ardent criticism of mainstream media types like Cris Carter and Merril Hoge?  One giant cluster#$!*, that's what.  Tim Tebow, as we guessed all along, is now greater than the sum of the entire Broncos organization.  Chris Berman took to calling the Broncos the Denver Tebows several weeks ago.  Why stop there?  Just eliminate "Denver" from the name, too.

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