How to legitimize Vince Young? Compare him to Tim Tebow

Vince Young, Tim Tebow have winning reputations

Young hit the NFL with the same rap as Tebow. He was considered a great college quarterback who would struggle playing the position at the next level. Young still isn’t as comfortable as he could be in the Eagles’ system. They’ve been running some of the same plays over and over to get them just right. If Young gets the nod Sunday and Cooper starts in place of Jeremy Maclin, who is nursing shoulder and hamstring injuries, you can expect a at least a small handful of connections.

Not exactly news, but amusing nonetheless.  

How to you get your fans excited at the prospects of starting Vince "Dream Team" Young in place of an injured Mike Vick this Sunday?

Compare him to Tim Tebow.  Vince Young went 30-17 as a Titan.  Tebow is 5-3.  

Close enough.  Naturally, Riley Cooper will go off.  

Tebow is the NFL’s version of John Edward

Redefining Excellence, One Handoff at a Time

Watching Tebow play quarterback is like watching a television psychic perform a cold reading. He flails about, trying this strategy and that, looking lost and a little silly. Then suddenly, someone shouts, “That voice from the spirit world you are hearing whose first name begins with a J is my great-uncle Jasper!” Everyone gasps in awe and cheers wildly as Jasper delivers his otherworldly message of vagueness, and any skeptic who dares to point out the absurdity of it all is branded a hateful killjoy.

But quarterbacks with the “winner” label always cause headaches for the rational people among us. Fans eager to embrace a new hero apply the post hoc fallacy: the team won, therefore the quarterback must have done something wonderful. They mix in a little confirmation bias: those three good plays are a sign of greatness, so we can ignore the 53 bad ones. Communal reinforcement — even the guys on the talk radio show agree! — serves as a chaser. There is nothing wrong with any of this because fandom is about hope and emotional connections to players and teams, not rational thought. But to cut through the rhetoric and analyze and evaluate these quarterbacks, you are better off consulting the noted skeptics James Randi and Michael Shermer than the gang at ESPN.

As opinions shift faster than sands through an hourglass, Mike Tanier isn't budging one bit.

I'm just pissed because he got to work in the words "communal reinforcement" before I did.

And I was planning to get real kinky, too.  

Killjoy, dude.

John Fox: I’m like totally sorry, Tim Tebow

Broncos' Fox regrets comments about Tim Tebow he made to

“I screwed up,” Fox said today at his news conference. “What bothers me about that is I love Tim Tebow. How can you not? I’m his biggest fan.”

Quick, what's the best thing to do after Pat Bowlen says the Broncos are keeping Tim Tebow?

Beg for forgiveness, that's what.

We're still missing one thing, though.

Group hug.

Wrapped Up In You, Tim Tebow


...not everyone is granted the honor of adorning themselves in holy vestments such as the frock which is draped upon her. She is probably an ordained priest in the Church or something. I only pray that it is not a Snuggie or Forever Lazy. That would be sacrilege.

I'm not quite sure who has more passion for Tebow.  The guys who buy the Jesus/Tebow jerseys or this girl.

I suppose you can excuse a 15-year old girl for going all Tiger Beat on Tebow.  He's the Justin Bieber of the NFL

Tebow slanket anyone?

But he’s not supposed to fit a “4-3 scheme”

All Hail the Freshmen

Of the rookies we’ve mentioned, Miller is the one who actually deserves to make the Pro Bowl this year as one of the best players at his position of any vintage…Only one player accrued more than 9.5 sacks during his first 10 games as a pro, and it’s superstar Bears end Julius Peppers, who picked up 11 in 10 games and finished his rookie year with 12 sacks. And only one player matched that 9.5-sack figure in his first 10 games. That defender is late Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas, who Miller has patterned himself after as a player.

Chewing the Fat: Week 11 - Broncos vs Jets

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 17-13 Week 11 victory over the Jets

Ted: Happy football Thursday

TJ: Hey, dudes - and I mean that in the old school way. Really old school

Doug: I’m not excited about staying up so late haha

Ted: I'm up till 1 AM most nights - I'm used to it

TJ: The MBA, Ted? Or you just like Zombie movies a LOT!

Ted: I thought kickoff was at 8. WTF?

Doug: Nah, it’s 8:20

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Tebow so indie, he’s Noir

Under Pressure: Tebow's Throws

It’s not fair to say that Tim Tebow is a quarterback unlike any other. There were plenty of quarterbacks like Tebow, they just haven’t played in pro football since the 1940s. Back in 1947, quarterback Spec Sanders, a New York Yankee in the All-American Football Conference, rushed for 1,432 yards while leading the league in rushing attempts and rushing yards. He also threw for 1,442 yards. Unfortunately for him, the Cleveland Browns held him in check in the championship game for their second of four consecutive AAFC titles…

...Yes, much of what makes Tebow stand out are the things you wouldn’t really want in a quarterback—he’s more comfortable running the ball than throwing it, for instance. But as he piles up win after win, he’s also becoming even more of a flash point between the casual fan’s “all he does is win games” theory and the analytical fan’s realization that long-term, a running quarterback doesn’t really have a chance to take a team very far.

Ah, yes, the obligatory Spec Sanders reference.

The Football Outsiders--so far outside, they're sometimes obscure.

I say we start filming Broncos games in black and white.  

Lombardi: A win is a win is a win

Tebow, Broncos winning unconventionally; Week 11 notes

Tebow will steal the highlights and get most of the praise for the win, but the real hero of the game was the Broncos defense…[Miller’s] play will remind some of Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Thomas of the Chiefs, but Miller plays with more power and just as much speed…Everyone in the Mile High City has Tebow fever. Can he lead them to the AFC West title? I would never rule that out, but if the Broncos are to win the West, it will have to be in the style they won Thursday night—effective, but not pretty.

PFF: Von Miller, Brodrick Bunkley stood out last night

Re-Focused – Jets @ Broncos, Week 11

It may leave John Elway with a bitter taste in his mouth as the unconventional QB keeps winning, but for now the Broncos have stumbled on a formula that works, so credit to John Fox for making the necessary adjustments to make his team win now…Coming out of this game there are plenty of stories to talk about, but one that is likely to get overlooked is the simply fantastic performance of Brodrick Bunkley…Someone should tell Von Miller (+8.7) about a little thing called the rookie wall. Instead of slumping the Bronco linebacker is getting stronger and stronger as the season wears on, with his latest victim being Hunter.

Matt Bowen likes Rexy’s call on the Tebow TD run

Did Jets make the right call blitzing Tebow?

Why do I like the call? Look at the game situation. 3rd and medium, protecting a 3-point lead in a two-minute drill. As a defense, you want to take away the 3-step game (slant, hitch, smash, option) and force the QB to make quick decisions in the pocket…Bottom line: you can’t let him break contain, escape the pocket and make a play. A simple technique that is taught back in training camp gets the Jets beat.

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