The most dominant post-MJ athlete in all of sports now gets compared to Tim Tebow

Tiger Woods does his best Tim Tebow impression

Who does Tiger Woods think he is? Tim Tebow? With back-to-back birdies on the 17th and 18th holes, Woods engineered a comeback worthy of the Denver Broncos quarterback, who, himself, delivered another come-from-behind win for his team on the same NFL Sunday that Woods broke a two-plus-year winless drought.

Tim Tebow, transcending the golf world too.

FO: Tebow would be a lot more popular with a Gumby haircut

Audibles at the Line: Week 13

Vince Verhei: However, both touchdowns left the Broncos down by two points, and they opted to go for one each time. I know there’s a whole quarter to go, and the Vikings haven’t let you do much on the ground all day. Still, your quarterback is theoretically a great goal-line weapon, and it’s better to be tied than to be behind. Anyone want to argue for taking the single point(s) there?
Aaron Schatz: Nope. I agree. I think it makes sense for Denver to always go for two. Probably Carolina as well… Denver in short-yardage situations before Tebow became the starter: 33-percent conversion rate. Denver in short-yardage situations after Tebow became the starter: 67-percent conversion rate.
Mike Tanier: I guess one of us should point out that he looked real sharp much of the game and found a lot of open receivers. It might as well be me.
Aaron Schatz: Yes, Tebow definitely did look better as a passer today. It helped that the Vikings cornerbacks kept waiting for safety help that wasn’t there, but Tebow did have to find those guys with accurate passes, and he did.

John Fox sure is fortunate that his team bailed out his gutless decisions to forego two-point conversion attempts to tie the game TWICE.

Elway warps time: the future is actually the present

12-5 The John Elway Show Part 1

“Everybody wants to know [about Tebow], but our future is right now.  I think that when you look at where we are..the future is the Chicago Bears.  We’ve got three out of our next four at home, we’re coming off five out of six wins, and so..we’re excited to come home.  I think the city is excited is excited about it…the fans are excited about where we are right now.  So the future is now.”

Elway was asked directly again about what yesterday's performance meant for the future of the Broncos' QB situation.  Although Elway said Tebow made "big strides yesterday"  against Cover 2, he said about as little as one could when faced with a direct question.  Elway was sure to give credit to "all 53 guys," and point out that John Fox was "tremendous." 

In the second part of the interview, Elway managed to shower Demaryius Thomas with glowing praise, calling him a "weapon."  Later, Gary Miller pressed him for some more thoughts on Tebow.  Elway said his favorite play from Tebow was his audible to a go route to Demaryius Thomas that was barely out of his reach. 

Next week, be sure to watch out for the "one game at a time" cliche.

Fun with Peter King and Tim Tebow

Timmy Tebow Is Peter King’s New Favrecycle

The Bears visit Tebowville this weekend

TEBOWVILLE! Where the streets are paved with abstinence pamphlets and angels serve you home fries at the local diner. And it rains Kirk Cameron DVDs EVERY DAY.

I have nothing further.

PFF: Denver defense a mere shell of itself sans Von

Re-Focused: Broncos @ Vikings, Week 13

If a player’s worth is defined by what his unit does in his own absence then Von Miller’s stock should be on the rise in every single award category out there. Be it Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year or even MVP; he needs to be at least on those ballots. A defense that has been so stifling for the last month on the Broncos winning streak suddenly looked a shadow of itself against a Viking offense that has hardly been tearing up the league. Without Miller the productivity of the pass rushing nosedived, netting pressure on only 13 pass rush attempts of the 261 times that Denver defenders rushed the passer.

Jared Allen: Tebow lit us up

Most valuable? Gotta be Tebow right now

A group of students at Harvard calling itself the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, wrote an article entitled “A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow.’’ That’s fun, using stats to determine miracles. The study used a lot of numbers and acronyms—DVOA and EPA—and talked about how the Broncos’ poor record under Orton was not surprising based on a Pythagorean expectation. Broncos fans had been thinking exactly the same thing, which is why they responded to Orton with “boo.’’ Basically, the study says that numbers and expectations for the offense have fallen since Tebow took over, and the defense has improved only slightly. So why the highly improved record? Apparently, that’s the miracle. After Sunday’s game, Vikings’ defensive end Jared Allen was surely pondering Tebow and Pythagoras when he said, “I mean, the dude lit us up. ... I would have bet my paycheck that he would not have beat us passing the ball.’’

Hey Jared, if you're serious, Tebow knows of a good charity that could put that paycheck to good use.

The gist of this article was value, not numbers.  It asks the basic question: Who is most valuable to his team?

Edholm: Wondering why Vikes didn’t let Broncos score at the end

Shorts and Shells: Week 13

At this point, knowing that they can’t stop the clock again or force much worse than a 21-yard field-goal attempt, the Vikings needed to let the Broncos score. It’s what many people feel the Packers did to the Broncos at the end of Super Bowl XXXII. Otherwise, the Broncos could just milk the clock and kick the game-winner…A week after foolishly going for it on 4th-and-goal down 10 points at Atlanta — although showing some nerve in the process — Frazier went soft. He was outcoached. Now maybe a smart player such as Tim Tebow sees the Vikings are allowing the Broncos to score and he takes a knee before the goal line, a la Maurice Jones-Drew against the Jets a few years ago or Brian Westbrook against the Cowboys.

MMQB: Hey McDaniels haters, u still mad tho?

Rodgers, Tebow respond with the pressure on in Week 13

If there’s been a story like Tebow’s in the 27 years I’ve covered the NFL, I’m having a hard time recalling it. An aside to Bronco Nation: Still furious at the McDaniels Era? He is, after all, the man who drafted the best story in sports. Shoot, and maybe the best story overall…What exactly are we watching here, other than the nuttiest story in recent sports history?

Benoit: One-week snark hiatus for Tebow

Week 13 Quick Hits: In Praise of Packers Receivers

Tim Tebow played well enough to get a one-week reprieve from the smarmy sarcasm that has pocked the Broncos’ Quick Hits capsules for the last month and a half. Tebow had the luxury of facing a Vikings secondary that was iffy even before losing five of its top six players. As a quality quarterback would, he took advantage of the Vikings’ attrition.

Silver: Self-loathing in Minnesota post-Tebow

Yates ready to put arm to good use for Texans

It’s always something, with a common theme – Tebow and his teammates are finding ways to win games that many others in their situation don’t. Consider that overarching theme when assessing these comments from several Minnesota players with whom I communicated after Sunday’s game. Vikings Player 1: “I can throw to wide-open people. Let’s face it, we suck.” Vikings Player 2: “He gets it done somehow. Our DBs could not cover their receivers. I can’t explain it. He looks so bad in warmups throwing it, it’s crazy. Maybe he is the second coming.” Vikings Player No. 3: “It’s very hard to deny at this point that he’s got something special.”

Hey, he made the throws.

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