Chewing the Fat: Week 11 - Broncos vs Jets

The IAOFM staff discuss the Denver Broncos' 17-13 Week 11 victory over the Jets

Ted: Happy football Thursday

TJ: Hey, dudes - and I mean that in the old school way. Really old school

Doug: I’m not excited about staying up so late haha

Ted: I'm up till 1 AM most nights - I'm used to it

TJ: The MBA, Ted? Or you just like Zombie movies a LOT!

Ted: I thought kickoff was at 8. WTF?

Doug: Nah, it’s 8:20

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Tebow so indie, he’s Noir

Under Pressure: Tebow's Throws

It’s not fair to say that Tim Tebow is a quarterback unlike any other. There were plenty of quarterbacks like Tebow, they just haven’t played in pro football since the 1940s. Back in 1947, quarterback Spec Sanders, a New York Yankee in the All-American Football Conference, rushed for 1,432 yards while leading the league in rushing attempts and rushing yards. He also threw for 1,442 yards. Unfortunately for him, the Cleveland Browns held him in check in the championship game for their second of four consecutive AAFC titles…

...Yes, much of what makes Tebow stand out are the things you wouldn’t really want in a quarterback—he’s more comfortable running the ball than throwing it, for instance. But as he piles up win after win, he’s also becoming even more of a flash point between the casual fan’s “all he does is win games” theory and the analytical fan’s realization that long-term, a running quarterback doesn’t really have a chance to take a team very far.

Ah, yes, the obligatory Spec Sanders reference.

The Football Outsiders--so far outside, they're sometimes obscure.

I say we start filming Broncos games in black and white.  

Lombardi: A win is a win is a win

Tebow, Broncos winning unconventionally; Week 11 notes

Tebow will steal the highlights and get most of the praise for the win, but the real hero of the game was the Broncos defense…[Miller’s] play will remind some of Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Thomas of the Chiefs, but Miller plays with more power and just as much speed…Everyone in the Mile High City has Tebow fever. Can he lead them to the AFC West title? I would never rule that out, but if the Broncos are to win the West, it will have to be in the style they won Thursday night—effective, but not pretty.

PFF: Von Miller, Brodrick Bunkley stood out last night

Re-Focused – Jets @ Broncos, Week 11

It may leave John Elway with a bitter taste in his mouth as the unconventional QB keeps winning, but for now the Broncos have stumbled on a formula that works, so credit to John Fox for making the necessary adjustments to make his team win now…Coming out of this game there are plenty of stories to talk about, but one that is likely to get overlooked is the simply fantastic performance of Brodrick Bunkley…Someone should tell Von Miller (+8.7) about a little thing called the rookie wall. Instead of slumping the Bronco linebacker is getting stronger and stronger as the season wears on, with his latest victim being Hunter.

Matt Bowen likes Rexy’s call on the Tebow TD run

Did Jets make the right call blitzing Tebow?

Why do I like the call? Look at the game situation. 3rd and medium, protecting a 3-point lead in a two-minute drill. As a defense, you want to take away the 3-step game (slant, hitch, smash, option) and force the QB to make quick decisions in the pocket…Bottom line: you can’t let him break contain, escape the pocket and make a play. A simple technique that is taught back in training camp gets the Jets beat.

Silver: What if all of Tebow’s critics are wrong?

Tebow defies NFL conventional wisdom

Somehow, in the 2011 NFL universe, down is up, ugly is beautiful and impossibly inaccurate is damn straight. As football purists everywhere wince, Tebow is plowing, chucking and willing his way to success…Everything we’ve learned as a football-watching public for the past half-century suggests that there’s no way such a limited attack can flourish over a sustained basis… If it makes the Tebow fanatics feel any better, he is hardly the first accuracy-challenged, running-inclined person in his position to be stigmatized as unfit for long-term NFL success…Perhaps Tebow will evolve, as [Steve] Young did, and we’ll look back at his early days of grit and grind-it-out grotesqueness as a charming relic of the past.

Bowlen on Tebow: Keep him

Tim Tebow's magic doesn't make sense

As Elway all but sprinted through the winning locker room, his chest bursting through his suit jacket, he said, “Just give him a chance to win the game.” Asked what it was like to watch Tebow perform an endgame act he himself had mastered, Elway said, “It was great. Awesome.”

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was heading for a different exit door when he stopped long enough to declare that Tebow would be his man for many moons to come.

“He’s a quarterback, and believe me he’s going to learn,” Bowlen said. “I believe he’ll be a great one. Better keep him around.”

I have to admit that this quote stood out among all the coachspeak last night.

He may not have control of all his mental faculties all the time, but Bowlen has never NOT said something he didn't mean.

Don't you love it when I blow your mind with double negatives?  It's like a Tebow comeback.  Deal with it.

More confirmation Tebow is smarter than Dan Marino

No lack of drama in the Tebow Show

Not only that, but in his explanation of what happened on the last play of the drive, when he broke the 20-yard touchdown run against the Jets’ blitz, he basically gave a course on how to read defenses. It was too long of an answer to put here, but he said, “They were playing the corners pretty hard off, and we ran a three-vertical concept against them. I saw (safety Eric Smith) coming off the left side, and he came and he hugged tight . . .”

Because there is never a wrong time to take a shot at Dan Marino...

Farrar: Perhaps Tebow really is just a winner

Tebow believes in miracles, and maybe he’s right

When Tebow led his Denver Broncos to an improbable 17-13 win over the New York Jets on Thursday night in the Mile High City, the syntax finally felt right. People have been far too quick to attribute too much or too little credit to Tebow for the Broncos’ recent success based on their own feelings for the hype, but it was Tebow who set the Broncos on course for a game-winning 95-yard drive…The detractors will say that he has very limited ability at the quarterback position, especially when you consider what’s generally required at the NFL level. And in completing just nine passes in 20 attempts for 104 yards, he showed once again that he’s not near where he needs to be as a pure passer…At the very least, Tebow certainly extended the argument.

The Daily Lard 11-18-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Hard to believe it, but after beating the tired and bumbling Jets 17-13 (box score), the Denver Broncos are 5-5 and a half-game behind the Raiders for first place in the AFC West, pending this weekend's games. That makes three straight wins and four out of five, and the formula remains the same: dominant play from Von Miller and timely, fortuitous plays on both defense and special teams.

I mean, how else do you win a game in which your offense generates 10 points, 229 net yards (134 before the 95-yard game-winning drive), 4.1 yards per play, 11 first downs, nine pass completions, eight possessions of three plays or fewer, and eight punts? At this point, maybe it's just best not to ask why, and roll with it. Because Andrew Lady Luck is most definitely on Denver's side right now, and you're not supposed to look John Elway in the mouth or you may find that lady is really Sexy Rexy singing, right? BTW, you know who else was on the Broncos' side last night? The NFL schedulers, who did the Jets (SNF game followed by a Thursday game at altitude) like they did the Chargers (three games in 11 days).

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