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It’s All Over, Fat Man! has shut down. Here are our farewell posts.

Goodbye, and thanks

Doug bids farewell to IAOFM

Fresh starts

Doc marks the end of an era

Thank you, see you soon

IAOFM had a great run, see you somewhere else on the internets soon

It’s been fun, but I have to go

Ted says goodbye and explains why he won't be writing about NFL football any longer

Head injuries: Changes for the better

Doc notes some points of progress in the league's handling of on-field head injuries

Broncos need to run table Lard

New England's shellacking of Houston changes the AFC playoff picture; Brent was allegedly reluctant to help dying friend; Lechler may not be back with Raiders

Final Score: Rams 22, Broncos 7 (Updated)

Broncos lose Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Montee Ball to injury, fall into first-place tie with Chiefs

Doc’s Musings: What JDR faces

Doc considers the task ahead of Jack Del Rio as Denver's interim head coach