Stokley: LOLJets were more disciplined than Broncos

Brandon Stokley Thinks The Broncos Lack The ‘Killer Instinct’

Stokley doesn’t think it was bad officiating — he blamed it on the players…The Jets were whistled for only two penalties the whole game and Stokley said they played much more disciplined than the Broncos.

Each week, this team shoots itself in the foot with either penalties or turnovers: Week 1 (7 penalties, 0 turnovers); Week 2 (11, 0); Week 3 (4, 2); Week 5 (7, 2); Week 6 (11, 0).

Unless they clean it up, this is going to catch up to them in a big way one of these weeks, with San Francisco, San Diego, and New England looming on the schedule.

Monson: Chris Harris is playing at a new level, repaired ACL and all

Analysis Notebook: Week 6

Harris has played outside and in the slot in the past, but this season he has been primarily a perimeter corner with Bradley Roby covering the inside. Despite being less than a year removed from major knee surgery Harris is outperforming all of the big-name cornerbacks, and might be playing as well as anybody at the position.

It's going to be really tough for the Broncos to re-sign all of Harris, the Thomases, and Terrance Knighton next offseason. Any of those players could end up with an offer elsewhere that Denver's unwilling to match.

But can they afford to let Harris walk? It says here that they cannot, and will not.

Benoit: Coaches would rather face Peyton Manning than Colin Kaepernick

Who Would You Rather Face? A game-planning paradox: Peyton Manning’s an all-time great, sure, but the dangerous and unpredictable Colin Kaepernick is harder to prepare for

None of those coaches were saying Kaepernick is a better quarterback than Manning, they were just saying he’s more stressful to face. Manning might be able to cut a defense with greater depth and regularity than Kaepernick, but at least the defense knows in what ways he can cut them. With Kaepernick, there’s a terrifying unpredictability.

Also from Benoit: "The Broncos are nearly impossible to play man coverage against. They’re too good with intertwined crossing routes and “switch release” concepts. Look for more and more defenses to play zone against them, at least on the inside."

Broncos place Danny Trevathan on short-term IR

The Broncos have placed linebacker Danny Trevathan on short-term IR; he'll be eligible to return for their Week 15 game at San Diego.

Trevathan fractured a bone above his left knee early in Denver's 31-17 win over the Jets.

A fracture below the same knee during training camp had caused him to miss the Broncos' first three games.

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Broncos will host a banged up Niners squad

Good Morning, Broncos fans! If you only watched the first quarter of Monday's game, you might have come away thinking the Broncos face an easy task on Sunday night.

The Rams (1-4) and Austin Davis jumped out to a 14-0 first-quarter lead, but it was mostly Niners from there on out.

Colin Kaepernick threw three touchdown passes and piled up 380 yards of sack- and turnover-free yardage, and San Francisco (4-2) emerged with a 31-17 road win.

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Broncos to wear blue unitards on Sunday night

The Broncos will wear their hideous navy on navy uniforms next week on SNF against the Niners.

Normally, I wouldn't bother writing a separate entry on such an item.

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Injuries: Pats lose Mayo, Ridley for season

Although the Patriots bounced back from their Week 4 embarrassment at KC with a pair of big wins, Sunday's victory over Buffalo came with a massive toll.

As expected, New England has lost linebacker Jerod Mayo and running back Stevan Ridley to season-ending knee injuries.

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Open Thread: San Francisco @ St. Louis

PFF and ESPN preview the matchup; the Niners will visit Denver on Sunday night. Enjoy the game! 

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Danny Trevathan out 3-6 weeks with injury above left knee

Danny Trevathan will again miss several weeks with a broken bone near his left kneecap.

According to John Fox, the injury is just above the knee and to the side.

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Barnwell: Broncos’ height will challenge Chargers secondary like Raiders’ did

Week 6 Wrap-up: Heavy Is the Head

The problem on the horizon, of course, is that they still have to play the 4-1 Denver Broncos twice. They did beat the Broncos last year, but the tall Broncos receivers should be able to overwhelm San Diego’s smaller defensive backs in much the same way the Raiders did.

Indeed, the only other receiver who's really given San Diego a good deal of trouble this season was Arizona's Michael Floyd, who stands 6-3 and totaled five catches for 119 yards against them in Week 1.

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