The 6-foot-5 Evans is the Buccaneers top receiver has 301 receiving yards, fifth in the NFL, and...
Both returned from their injuries and should be unimpeded as the Broncos turn their attention to...
Never question the Broncos GM.
The Washington Redskins finally had something go their way this season when they beat the unbeaten...
He would be out-Belichicking himself.
Bradley fell to 12-39 after the Jaguars’ loss to the Ravens in Week 3.

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Manning held out of another Wednesday practice; Knowshon, DRC still called day-to-day; Houston likely out 2-3 weeks for Chiefs; Flynn to start for Packers

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Broncos remain #1 according to advanced metrics; Bears dump Holmes; Willis, Mebane to IR; Aldon Smith, Josh Brent reinstated

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Brady, Pats agree on extension through 2017; Steven Jackson to void final year of Rams deal; A.J. Smith to join Washington front office; Gronk undergoes more surgery