The rainbow connection is gone.
A quick rundown of happenings at Broncos training camp on Tuesday: Highlight: Count on Von Miller...
I’m going to analyze a play that looks like it’s simply a quarterback throwing to a wide-open...
Some red-zone work, a few intense moments, a blistering edge rush from Von Miller and more reps for...
Demaryius Thomas expected to participate fully in practice next week
David Morgan, father of Houston Texans defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney, was charged with...

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Goodbye, and thanks

Doug bids farewell to IAOFM

Fresh starts

Doc marks the end of an era

Thank you, see you soon

IAOFM had a great run, see you somewhere else on the internets soon

It’s been fun, but I have to go

Ted says goodbye and explains why he won't be writing about NFL football any longer

Chiefs probing new depths of futility Lard

Chargers drop Chiefs with dominant fourth quarter; Porter practices fully; Aqib to Pats is only deadline deal; Saints cut Daniel Graham

Bill Will: break out those Kekua jerseys, Broncos fans

Bill Williams speculates the Broncos will draft Manti Te'o

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An explanation of our recent comment counts

Aaron Hernandez-free Lard

Dan Snyder & Co. not bothering with facts to back up racist team name; Brent back in jail, but Cowboys don't plan to cut him; Walcott pleads not guilty to attempted murder