Bidding McCoy adieu Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! With Mike McCoy officially gone to San Diego, the focus turns to who will replace him as Denver's OC.

According to Jeff Legwold, the likeliest candidates to step into McCoy's shoes remain QB coach Adam Gase and former Arizona head man Ken Whisenhunt, with former longtime Colts OC Tom Moore a possibility as well. That Moore called plays for Peyton Manning for 13 years in Indy isn't his only association with these Broncos; John Fox's first year as the Steelers secondary coach coincided with Moore's last as their OC.

Legwold also floats former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur as a potential candidate. Prior to his two-year stint in Cleveland, Shurmur was on Andy Reid's Eagles staff for 10 years, before running the Rams offense for two, and taking the Browns gig.

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Just when you thought NFL Films couldn’t be improved upon…

Ron Milus is first to pay for Broncos’ upset loss

Following the Broncos' stunning playoff loss to the Ravens on Saturday, there has been plenty of blame to go around, at least as far as the media and fans are concerned. John Fox, Rahim Moore, Champ Bailey, Peyton Manning, and Matt Prater have borne the brunt of the public criticism, while Fox and John Elway stood by the coach's conservative game decisions in a presser yesterday.

Today comes the first true fallout of the upset, as it's being reported that the team will not retain secondary coach Ron Milus, whose contract is up after two years in Denver. Jeff Legwold's article on the dismissal cites a clash between Milus's coaching style and "several players" as having prompted the decision, while Fox had perhaps hinted at the move when he said his staff "didn't coach to execute" on the disastrous game-tying 70-yard touchdown from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones.

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Mayor Hancock should have read this article before making his Broncos/Ravens bet

Lewis Follows in Fancy Footsteps, but Few Can Follow in His

The dance comes fraught with risks, however. Some advice? Stretch beforehand. Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith recalled seeing an online video clip of a young man who tore up his knee trying — and failing — to imitate Lewis’s routine.

“Just some random dude,” Smith said glumly, adding that only Lewis can truly execute his trademark moves — those elongated slides, those dramatic chest pops. “I’ve never seen any dances like that. You ever seen any dances like that? Nobody dances like that.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock apparently injured himself today while warming up for his version of Ray Lewis's pre-game dance, which is his end of a bet made with Baltimore's mayor.

Report: Eagles to hire Gus Bradley, or not

Shortly on the heels of news that the Chargers hired Mike McCoy away from Denver, came word that DC Gus Bradley would leave Seattle to head up the Eagles. Bradley had been expected to interview with the Jaguars later in the week.

However, subsequent reports say an agreement between the two parties is far from finalized.

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Chargers hire McCoy, reportedly would not have waited for him had Denver won

According to Adam Schefter, Mike McCoy has notified the Broncos that he will become the next head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

Following the departure of Dennis Allen to Oakland twelve months ago, this is the second straight January in which a Broncos coordinator has left to head up an AFCW rival.

Jason La Canfora reports that former Cardinals HC Ken Whisenhunt would be the leading candidate to replace McCoy in Denver, assuming that he himself doesn't land one of the vacant head jobs.

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Leaving it up to a coin flip is apparently giving yourself a puncher’s chance Lard

Good Morning, Broncos fans! You know, John Fox has done a very good job managing this team and its personalities for two seasons. Two division titles and 21 regular-season wins for a franchise that had gone 4-12 prior to his arrival speaks volumes.

But aside from the team's success in the W-L columns, one of the most laudable hallmarks of his tenure has been his flexibility. That a head coach was willing to switch from a modern passing offense to a 1950s-era one because his quarterback couldn't read defenses or throw the ball with consistency said a lot about the man.

Fox even one-upped himself by helping convince one of the greatest QBs of all time to come to Denver, and then showing himself willing to fully adopt that player's offense. He pulled all of this off even while working with a new defensive coordinator each season.

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San Diego is not a plum job

A little while ago, Doug mentioned the idea that Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy may prefer the San Diego Chargers head coaching job to that of the Arizona Cardinals.  I wanted to weigh in briefly with the thought that I think people are getting the Chargers job wrong, vis-a-vis its quality.  Philip Rivers is cited as the primary reason why it's a good job, and the fact that the Cardinals don't seem to have a viable QB is the reason Arizona is a bad one.

I'd say that not only do the Chargers not have a good enough QB, they have a problem worse than that.  They have a guy who was once near-elite, but who has been declining steadily, and complicating things, he's misperceived by the football media as still being a good QB, and he remains locally popular, to the extent that Chargers fans give a crap about their team.  This is Bernie Kosar in the early 90s, if Chargers fans were as engaged as Browns fans.

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Cards seek second interview w/McCoy, who may prefer Chargers

According to Jay Glazer, the Cardinals are interested in meeting with Mike McCoy for a second time regarding their head coaching vacancy.

McCoy who is meeting with the Chargers today, would reportedly visit with Arizona tomorrow, and he already met with the Cards, Eagles, and Bears two weekends ago.

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You Got Served: The 2012 Broncos season was a success

I’m a pretty calm guy, which is a development that’s taken place in my 30s.  As a kid, I had an extremely bad temper, and even into my 20s, it persisted to some degree, and I was prone to outbursts, and door slamming, and the like.  Around the time I got separated and divorced in 2007 and 2008, maybe somewhat as a byproduct of the whole failed marriage experience, I started to evolve into a more levelheaded person, and it’s a change I’m very pleased with.

In 2008, I also started writing about football at MHR, mostly because I had a lot of time on my hands.  When I joined the staff, there were only four people on the masthead.  Two of their then-writers are kind of emotional guys, given to rants and kneejerk reactions.  The other two stayed more separated from what happened in the last game, or the least series, and didn’t really come from the place that a fan came from.

In fitting into that mix, one of the directions my writing took is that I’ve always tried to be dispassionate, and not let how I feel affect what I think, and what I say.  I make a lot of real-time statements and observations, but they’re never emotional.  You’d never see me suggest that Champ Bailey needs to retire, because he had one bad game, as a commenter or two did Saturday.  There are times, when all hell breaks loose, when a voice of reason is needed, and I decided to be that guy.

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