Broncos shuffle practice squad

The Broncos made two pairs of corresponding practice squad moves on Tuesday, adding a pair of players who were drafted in the sixth round of the 2012 Draft: safety Josh Bush and well traveled offensive lineman Mark Asper.

To make room for Bush and Asper, Denver cut defensive end Zach Thompson and wideout Douglas McNeil.

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PFF: Is Peyton Manning in decline?

Signs of decline for Peyton, Denver

He’s never had anything but a positively graded performance when blitzed. That has changed this season; he currently has a minus-6.0 grade against extra rushers. That’s 36th in the league, in the territory of Vick, Manuel, Chad Henne, Blake Bortles, Zach Mettenberger and Jake Locker.

Of course, the PFF guys declared earlier in the year that Tom Brady was no longer a top-five quarterback (Insider). They seem to be offering a lot of hot takes now that they're aligned with The Worldwide Leader.

Only a few weeks ago, it was widely written (laughably) that Manning was better than ever. Now he's in decline? Peyton's overcome plenty of lackluster line play over the years, but this year's lack of continuity is something else.

Running backs LeGarrette Blount, Ben Tate cut; Broncos not interested

Two veteran running backs were dumped on Tuesday, but the Broncos - whose own running back corps is decimated by injury - are not interested in either of them.

Pittsburgh expectedly cut LeGarrette Blount, less than a day after he'd left the field during the Steelers' MNF win at Tennessee.

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Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders may play against Dolphins

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Pittsburgh (7-4) scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns to slip out of Tennessee (2-8) with a 27-24 victory on Monday night.

Le'Veon Bell scored once and piled up 222 yards on 35 touches.

Titans QB Zach Mettenberger threw two touchdown passes, including an 80-yarder to Nate Washington just before halftime, but his first-quarter interception went for a pick-six by William Gay.

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Zac Dysert is third Bronco to lose parent in recent months

Tragedy again struck the Broncos on Monday, as practice squad quarterback Zac Dysert became the third player to lose a parent in recent months.

Carla Dysert died at 56 on Monday morning in a three-car accident in Harrod, Ohio. Dysert's SUV was struck head on by an oncoming car that had lost control in slippery conditions.

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NFL suspends Adrian Peterson for rest of 2014 season without pay

The NFLPA says it will appeal the ban.

Emmanuel Sanders: I’m resurrected

Emmanuel Sanders tweeted out a selfie to prove he wasn't dead.

Someone took to Wikipedia to declare Sanders done after being hit by Rams safety Rodney McLeod.

Date and place of death: November 16, 2014 in St. Louis, MO, right under his smiling photo.

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Open Thread: Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

PFFESPN, and CBS preview the matchup. Enjoy the game!

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Things could definitely be worse for Denver…right?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! There's no getting around it - yesterday was a terrible day for the Broncos all around.

For the second time in three weeks, Peyton Manning was awful, the line play was poor, the defense didn't do enough, the punting sucked as usual, and the entire team appeared uninspired and outcoached.

Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Montee Ball were injured, and that's not even the worst of it.

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Gut Reaction: Week 11 - Broncos @ Rams

The Broncos are the Little Red Riding Hood of the NFL.

They’re cute, everyone likes them, and they can even skip through most of the forest of the NFL season without a lot of fear.

Ah, but there’s grandma’s house waiting at the end. And, like the monster waiting in grandma’s bed, the NFL playoffs have one hell of a bite.

Can the Broncos figure out the signs before they are devoured? Grandma’s big teeth? The horrible play of the offensive line. Grandma’s big eyes? The penalties. Grandma’s deep voice? The turnovers.

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