That’s Good Broncos: Broncos @ Rams

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Injury Report: Emmanuel Sanders probable to face Dolphins

Emmanuel Sanders was cleared through the league's concussion protocol on Thursday, practiced on Friday, is listed as probable, and will play in Sunday's game versus Miami.

Tight ends Julius Thomas and Virgil Green were limited on Friday, and are questionable for Sunday. Expectedly, Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman are out.

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Mays: New positions are a lot to ask of Vasquez, Ramirez

Mile High Protection Issues: Is Denver’s Offensive Line Up for Another Super Bowl Run?

While Manning always gets rid of the ball quicker than most quarterbacks, even his process is being rushed this year. And it doesn’t help that Wes Welker — his short-yardage, middle-of-the-field target from last year — has severely fallen off.

If Clady-Franklin-Montgomery-Ramirez-Vasquez is the line the Broncos are going with, is there enough time to develop the chemistry and familiarity with new positions that they'll need? Denver's next three opponents all feature terrific pass rushers, so time isn't on the Broncos' side.

Don’t ever feel guilty about enjoying a Chiefs loss

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Let's all continue to laugh at the Chiefs, shall we?

What happened last night truly could not have been timed better, what with the fawning and fluffing that had immediately preceded it.

That the Raiders nearly blew the game by acting like they'd never been there before (well, it wasn't really acting; they hadn't been there before) was the icing on top.

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Raiders’ first win in 368 days comes at just the right time

Oakland (1-10) pulled off the shocker on Thursday night, knocking off the rival first-place Chiefs (7-4) in a 24-20 victory.

The win broke a 16-game losing streak for the Raiders; their last win came November 17, 2013, and that was against a Texans team amidst their own 14-game losing streak.

Derek Carr led Oakland on a late 80-yard scoring drive, throwing a game-winning nine-yard touchdown pass to James Jones inside the two-minute warning.

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Open Thread: Chiefs @ Raiders

PFFESPN, and NYT preview the matchup. Go Raiders!

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Scouting the Broncos: Michael Schofield

In 2013, the Broncos needed to make a few changes on the offensive line. Manny Ramirez did a better job at center than J.D. Walton had. Chris Clark impressed at left tackle as Ryan Clady's understudy.

In 2014, Denver wanted to play its five best starters, so Clady was back at left tackle with Clark on the right side, although there were potential problems there. The Broncos entered minicamp looking to move Orlando Franklin, formerly the right takle, to left guard.

Understandably, the Broncos wanted to see if Clark could do equally well on the right edge. They brought in Winston Justice to ‘give him competition'. Unfortunately, left and right tackle often require different body types. They need different skillsets, too.

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Manny Ramirez claims the Broncos offensive line never gets any credit (LOLZ)

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Recently waived veteran running backs Ben Tate and LeGarrette Blount have already found new (and old) homes.

Tate was claimed by Minnesota, which had a pressing need at the position due to Adrian Peterson's suspension.

Blount is, of course, headed back to New England, where he spent the 2013 season.

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Stink: Denver offensive line flat out sucks

"Stink" knows — Mark Schlereth says Broncos' O-line stinks

“I mean, if it’s not penetration, they’re horrible from an athletic standpoint at getting to the second level. So they lose the line of scrimmage, getting shoved in the backfield, and then at the second level, half the time three guys are shoved back a yard or two and two guys have to completely spin around because they’ve missed their guys and they’re watching the action, lantern-holding, like: ‘Be careful in there, it’s really nasty!’

Schlereth's solution: signing Richie Incognito and inserting him at left guard, moving Orlando Franklin back to right tackle, and shifting Louis Vasquez back inside.

Franklin and John Fox dismissed Stink's comments, but it doesn't take an insider to know the line has been terrible.

Benoit: Broncos will face NFL’s best defense in Dolphins

Miami Dolphins defense is NFL's best; more film-study notes

Coyle brought over many double-A-gap concepts from Cincinnati, where he spent four of his 11 years there under Mike Zimmer, the trailblazer of modern 4-3 double-A-gap concepts. Those blitz looks—and its amoeba front cousins—often compel offenses to block a defensive end one-on-one (see “Impressive Coaching” graphics below).

Double-A-gap blitzes? One-on-one blocking outside? This reads like a recipe for another Denver disaster. Time for Adam Gase and Dave Magazu to cook up something good, and for John Fox to stop making decisions out of fear (we're not holding our breath on the latter).

AFA's efficiency rankings say Miami has the #1 defense and is just behind Denver overall; Brian Burke and Will Leitch predict a narrow Broncos win.

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