Raiders keeping it unreal

Raiders Preview: Putting the Pieces in Place

The last thing Allen and his staff want is to endure the growing pains of a rookie quarterback. They’re already on owner Mark Davis’s hot seat, and the belief is that, with year three having all along been the “realistic” target for visible progress in a massive rebuilding effort, another bad record could spell the end for this regime (that includes general manager Reggie McKenzie).

Of course, it’s not realistic to think Oakland’s offense is suddenly set to turn things around—especially given that the team’s much-anticipated free agent spree came in the same year that a raised salary cap made more than half of the league competitors on the open market. But realism has not been an obstacle for any Davis in recent years.

The Oakland Raiders: where every coach and GM go to die.

Shanny: We knew Peyton wouldn’t sign with us

Shanahan: Like Elway Did, Manning Needs Support, Too

“Knowing that his brother (Giants quarterback Eli Manning) is in the NFC East, we knew it was going to be a longshot. He was nice enough to talk to us, but at the end of the day, I tried to put myself in his footsteps. There’s no way, if I’m a father, why would you go to play in the NFC East against your brother? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Not sure what fatherhood has to do with any of this, but the one nice thing about Shanny being unemployed is that we get these otherwise rare nuggets of frankness. Makes us wish he'd have signed on with FOX.

Ware, Austin banged up in stadium practice

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Sunday's practice at SAF@MH was mostly about the red zone.

There were a pair of apparently minor injuries, as DeMarcus Ware suffered a leg bruise, and Marvin Austin banged up his hand.

Sly Williams continues to thrive, while Shaq Barrett and Corey Nelson are standing out among the backups.

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Champ Bailey likely starter with Saints

New Orleans Saints' Champ Bailey fully displaying his fire for football

Saints coach Sean Payton justified the signing by saying the foot injury slowed Bailey down rather than old age and Bailey’s play on film in 2012 was outstanding.

Judging by what I’ve seen from Bailey this offseason, he seems to be the favorite to win the starting job at cornerback opposite Keenan Lewis. Bailey has seen all of his playing time with the first-team defense through three days of training camp rotating practice reps with Patrick Robinson.

Don't know about you, but I'll tune into more than my normal share (meaning zero) of Saints games next season to see which version of Bailey they got.

Was it the guy from 2012 or 2013?

More players dropping like flies

Good Morning, Broncos fans! As we'd discussed yesterday, the next several weeks will be all about staying healthy, for the Broncos and every other team.

As John Fox told Arnie Stapleton:

Really, regardless of what time of the year, as a head coach and an organization, you hold your breath. Football is combative and injuries are part of the game, whether it's the offseason, training camp, regular season or even in the playoffs.

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Raiders players delusional as their fans

Upbeat Raiders report to camp feeling healthy and motivated

“This is our year,” Raiders punter Marquette King said. “I know fans say that we say that every year, but this year we really mean it. I say that with all of my heart.”

Awww, look, Dear. How adorable. This year, the Raiders really mean it.  

Even the punter, with his itty bitty heart. 

Welcome back, Wolfeman

On Day 2 of training camp, Derek Wolfe blew past Ryan Clady and dropped Montee Ball for a three-yard loss. It’s just one play, without pads, but it’s great to see the man getting his old form back.

Andrew Mason noted that it was more Wolfe showing skill than Clady trying to work back to his form. At the same time, DeMarcus Ware was apparently abusing Chris Clark at RT.

Consider this: One DL formation could have Terrance Knighton at nose tackle, Wolfe and Malik Jackson at defensive tackle, with Ware and Von Miller attacking from the edges. It’s just one option, but it’s one that would have to make a lot of quarterbacks nervous.

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Pads mean it’s finger crossing time

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Starting today, it's time we start holding our collective breaths.

Pads are going on, and hitting will start.

The term real football is overused at every juncture of the NFL calendar, and this is most definitely not that.

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‘I’m sorry I got caught being an asshole’

Drew Soicher seems to cross a line with Denver Broncos’ Alzheimer joke

“I delivered a line which some viewers found offensive.”

WTF is with people? This "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" garbage needs to stop. Granted, people like Tony Dungy, Stephen A. Smith, and Mike Priefer obviously don't get it in the first place.

But when they double down and blame the reader/viewer/listener for supposedly misinterpreting them, it just makes matters that much worse.

The Browns are still run by schmucks

Browns 'alarmed' by some of Johnny Manziel's behavior, concerned it's set him back in QB competition, sources say

Team officials had bought into Manziel’s pre-draft promises to tone down the partying and leave his frat-boy lifestyle back in College Station, Texas, and they’ve been stunned by his non-stop antics, sources said.

Right, because 21-year-old party animals are to be taken very seriously when they say something (and that includes his latest comments)...

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