Devin Hester brings us back to the halcyon days of Todd Sauerbrun’s Broncos

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Week 3 got off to a lopsided start, as Atlanta demolished Tampa Bay 56-14.

Along the way, Devin Hester broke Deion Sanders' all-time return touchdown record with a 62-yard punt return.

Hester paid tribute to Neon Deion (who was in the house) by reprising his familiar high step into the end zone.

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DeMarcus Ware explains his rip move

How I Get to the Quarterback

“It’s using your power, staying low and not giving up on it. I go against guys who are 350 pounds, and I’m only 250, so to be able to push them back, staying in the low position and having great leverage is key. It’s a chess match each and every time.”

Piece of cake. All one needs is to be big, fast, quick, strong, explosive, and agile.

Peter King thinks the Broncos changed their entire roster

Rematch of the Mismatch

How did the Broncos respond to the 35-point Super Bowl loss to the Seahawks? By changing two-thirds of their regular lineup. The proof of the makeover is stunning, especially with 10 of 12 changes to the defensive regulars.

According to PK, Derek Wolfe, Von Miller, Chris Harris, and Rahim Moore are part of a new defensive lineup. It's not that they were on IR during the SB, or anything (no mention of injuries, incredibly).


Open Thread: Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Mike Tanier says Lovie Smith has been a dud so far in Tampa; Chris Phillips (PFF) and Brett Michael Dykes (NYT) discuss the matchup. Enjoy the game!

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Nate Irving’s long road to Denver’s starting lineup

It started with an innocent, bad decision. On June 28, 2009, Nate Irving was tired, but wanted to sleep in his own bed.

Irving aimed his car at North Carolina State.

At 4:40 am, he fell asleep at the wheel.

The one-car accident resulted in severe injuries, including a collapsed lung.

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But what about BMarsh and Big Ben?

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Just yesterday, Vikings ownership spoke about how they'd reversed course on Adrian Peterson.

They did admit to having made a mistake in first reinstating Peterson on Monday.

But the Wilf brothers apparently spent much of their presser patting themselves on the back for having done "the right thing."

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What would it mean for Denver to cut Matt Prater and keep Brandon McManus?

Yes, the jury's still out on Brandon McManus as an NFL placekicker.

Of course, he's on a Denver Broncos team that features Peyton Manning, so there's that.

McManus has established, at least on kickoffs a Mile High, that his leg strength is comparable to Matt Prater's.

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Wes Welker, Von Miller practice; Lerentee McCray to miss Seattle game

After his first day back with the team following his reinstatement, Wes Welker admitted the extra time off aided the recovery from his latest concussion.

Welker says he's "sharp and ready to go," but he and others are playing coy about whether he'll suit up in Seattle.

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Greg Hardy likely to join Adrian Peterson on exempt list

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Now that the Vikings have found a way to keep Adrian Peterson off the field while still paying him, the Panthers may do the same with Greg Hardy.

Hardy, of course, is the franchise-tagged defensive end who was already convicted this summer of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Carolina deactivated Hardy for their Week 2 game at the last minute, and they are now expected to place him on the same Exempt/Commissioner's Permission list that Peterson is now residing.

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Vikings deactivate Adrian Peterson

The Vikings have again changed their minds on accused child abuser Adrian Peterson, and have placed him on the Exempt/Commissioner's Permission list.

Peterson has been barred from all team activities, until his abuse allegations have been resolved.

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