Gut Reaction: Terrell Davis snubbed again by HOF voters

The 2015 HOF class has been announced, and sadly, albeit not surprisingly, Terrell Davis was not included. That's Terrell Davis, Greatest Postseason Runner in NFL History, NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, 2,000-yard rusher, and best player on two SB-winning teams. Yes, that Terrell Davis, the one who for a period of time was as great a running back as the NFL has ever seen, but apparently wasn't good enough for these HOF voters.

And yet, some guy who played a really long time and averaged 3.9 yards per attempt is in. According to PFR, the player whose career was most similar to this new HOFer's career is one Corey Dillon. Does anyone think Corey Dillon was an NFL HOFer? Meaning, aside from in that one game we don't want to talk about?

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Chris Harris: Brock Osweiler is the next Joe Flacco

Chris Harris optimistic on Manning’s return, has faith in Osweiler

“He’s kind of like a young Joe Flacco,” Harris said of Osweiler. “He has that arm. I think him and (Broncos head coach Gary) Kubiak, I think they’re going to fit perfect together. With the way he ran the offense with the Ravens with Joe Flacco, I see Brock as a similar quarterback.”

Not sure if he means Osweiler is going to win a lot of games, develop a stellar postseason resume, and thrive under Gary Kubiak, or he's going to become one of the most hated men in Denver, but we'll assume it's the former.

Demaryius Thomas: Brock Osweiler is building confidence

Demaryius Thomas thinks some Broncos teammates underestimated Colts

“I’ve got all the confidence in the world in Brock,” Thomas said. “He hasn’t been around the best quarterback in the game the past two years for nothing. As the years go on, he builds and builds and is more confident. You see him against our first-team defense during the season, and they’ll be going hard, and he’s out there calm and collected. I think he’ll be fine.”

Demaryius says he's going to miss John Fox and really miss Adam Gase, but he's not too worried about free agency, and why should he be?

Here’s the surest sign that Peyton Manning is coming back

Broncos raise ticket prices $2-10 per seat for 2015 season

The Broncos are raising ticket prices, with upper sections going up $2 to $5 and lower sections going up $10 a seat. The team ranked 11th in the NFL last season with an average ticket cost of $99.13 (not including luxury seating). Tickets will go up by an average of 8.5 percent to a little more than $107 in 2015.

What, you think they're gonna raise prices and then trot out Brock Osweiler as the starting quarterback? Come on, now.

Peyton: Don’t drag me into Brady’s cheating scandal

Peyton Manning: Texture, not air pressure of footballs is why he created change

“I don’t know anything about air pressure in a ball every since the K2 back in the day as a kid. I am not versed in it. Tom and I were part of that rule (change) a couple of years ago to be able to simply have your own ball boys be able to prepare your own footballs,” Manning said…“But that was all texture. That rule was all simply about being able to break them in, if you will.”

This is a guy who's so uptight he tucks his jersey into his jeans on nationally televised commercials. You just know all of these mentions of him during the Pats' latest cheating scandal had him stewing for days.

Eric Decker wants Demaryius Thomas to share in his LOLJets misery

Eric Decker selling free agent Demaryius Thomas on Jets

“I’ve been pushing for the entire year now,” Decker said in a telephone interview with The Post. “It was just another opportunity to talk to him about it. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. I think it would be tough for Denver to let him go…If he happens to make it to free agency, I would love to sign him because playing alongside him for four years and especially the last two years made it a lot of fun and made it a lot easier.”

What could the sales pitch possibly be?

Hey man, remember 2011, when the whole team averaged 11 completions per game? If you come to New Jersey, we can do that all over again!

Demaryius Thomas: Broncos were softer team in 2014

Demaryius Thomas: Some Broncos looked past Colts

“I feel like some guys, you know, didn’t have the fight or whatever it was,” Thomas said Friday. “It was totally a different team than last year. I think we had more talent this year, but it was a little more fight in that team last year, I think.”

It's just one player's opinion, but a surprising one, particularly given how the 2014 Broncos were supposedly more of a well-rounded, tougher team than the so-called "finesse" squad of 2013.

Peyton Manning isn’t concerned about running Gary Kubiak’s offense

Peyton Manning takes time with retirement decision, talks with Gary Kubiak

“I’m not interested in making this a lingering thing,” Manning said Friday after he received the Bart Starr Award. “I’d like to make a decision soon. At the same time, both coach and Joe and John have instructed me to take some time, so I’m kind of following their orders.”
“I don’t see that physical being that significant to tell you the truth as far as that revelation,” Manning said. “I feel pretty confident that I would pass that physical and my neck is in good shape.”

Sounds like a guy who's coming back, doesn't it?

Do math and science support Patriots’ claims they’re not cheaters?

Physicists from Harvard and Columbia, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye have called it unlikely that the Patriots' footballs shrunk on their own. But did they check their work?

According to scientists at Carnegie Mellon and MIT, Mother Nature really may be to blame for the Pats' latest cheating scandal.

From the New York Times:

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NFL: Pats’ substitution shenanigans led to illegal touchdown

NFL says Solder touchdown play was illegal

“There was an issue on that play where on the previous play, [Cameron] Fleming had reported as an eligible player,” Blandino said. “And on the Solder touchdown he went back to playing an ineligible position. That’€™s illegal. That’€™s an illegal substitution. So that’€™s something we discussed with the crew. Bill [Belichick] was made aware of it. So we’€™re going to be looking for that, make sure we follow the proper mechanics so that doesn’€™t happen again.”

This, of course, was the play that Jim Miller and Tony Dungy had spoken about earlier.

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