This week, Matt Manocherian and Aaron Schatz welcome NFL Next Gen Stats researcher Keegan Abdoo. We...
Earlier this week, I wrote about the passing breakdown on short throws to both the left and right...
For at least this week’s minicamp, defensive back Kareem Jackson was a safety.
Ja’Wuan James could hardly blink for fear of missing something. Within a month, the Broncos right...
So what if the season is months away?
How will the New York Giants approach the 2019 NFL draft? We put them on the clock.

It’s All Over, Fat Man! has shut down. Here are our farewell posts.

Goodbye, and thanks

Doug bids farewell to IAOFM

Fresh starts

Doc marks the end of an era

Thank you, see you soon

IAOFM had a great run, see you somewhere else on the internets soon

It’s been fun, but I have to go

Ted says goodbye and explains why he won't be writing about NFL football any longer

La Canfora: New drug agreement may not save Wes Welker

League, union reportedly not close to new drug policy; amnesty for Welker, Gordon may not be on table

Denver’s supplemental draft history Lard

Six players declared eligible for Thursday's supplemental draft; Haslam says he won't sell Browns; Falcons expected to extend Ryan this summer

Making a case for signing Sproles

Saints likely to cut Sproles; Jags re-sign Henne; Vikings bring back Cassel

Dan Quinn agrees to coach Falcons, who may lose pick over pumped crowd noise

Seahawks DC reportedly has five-year deal; Falcons face penalty over allegations of fake crowd noise